Bob Ingram

I’ve been a vitamin junkie for 48 years. As a 14 year old, I waited for the mailman so I could intercept my father’s Prevention magazine. Yeah, I was a weird kid. In high school I wrote papers on vitamins and healthy living. In college, I did a massive term paper on Vitamin E.   My friends know that I let very little upset my work-out and overall health regimen. Jack LaLanne was a hero of mine and I’ve always wanted to be “young” for whatever chronological age I was at any given time.

Because of all this, over the years, I’ve been approached by several well-known vitamin companies to represent their products. I’ve always said no because in my mind as much as I was a believer in vitamins, they were all pretty much the same, one size fits all.  

Eleven months ago, a friend from Georgia called to tell me he was a founding partner in IDLife, being started.  He went on to tell me that IDLife had patented a process allowing them to make individualized vitamins based on each person’s uniqueness.  I was absolutely thrilled when I realized the enormity of what I’d stumbled upon. 

I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and that my entire life has positioned me to lead the charge in bringing IDLife and better health to the Pacific Northwest.

Click here for more information about IDLife. 

Though vitamins are my passion for a healthy body, I believe gratitude to be one of the highest qualities needed to guide mental wellness. To this end, I am a public speaker and encourage those around me to live a purposeful life full of gratitude.

That is why I use greeting cards extensively.  More than a text, more than an email, a physical card in the mailbox says more about gratitude than those other forms of the written word.


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