Heather Boyt

Heather started out life allopathic minded (western medicine). She finished top of her class in EMT and loves the biology of the body and helping people to heal. In addition, she is a G.M. Therapist, Certified Holistic Health Coach Level 2, Certified AromaTouch Technique instructor, a Success Trainer and Bastyr Trained Aromatherapist.

Heather will tell anyone she is the mother of five brilliant children and wife of one incredible man. Lover of natural health, homeschooling and playing in the outdoors - Heather is full of energy.

Her first introduction to essential oils came in 1995 with Tea Tree (Melaleuca).  Only using it to combat the itch of the evil Alaska mosquito and on cuts. Over the years, she began using Melaleuca more and began searching for a brand that was consistently pure.  One intuitively knows that an oil who properties claim to heal skin should not at the same time be an irritant, which is what her brand sometimes did. The brand she settled on and promotes is doTerra.


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