Lauren Taylor

I have been a ‘wanderer’ most of my life.  As a result, I learned when very young the importance of carrying basic necessities in my carry-all.  I never knew when I would be stuck in an airport, in some out-of-the-way place, or in a primitive area where necessities were scarce.  I also learned how to improvise or do without.

I became passionate about emergency preparation as a result of seeing the problems created by the Marysville-Yuba City floods in 1955.  Since then, I’ve experienced three earthquakes, two major floods, and one volcanic eruption first-hand.  I’ve served as a first responder, volunteer, and as a member of CERT.  Currently, I’m a CERT instructor in the Tacoma-Gig Harbor area.

My education as an emergency preparation specialist has come from hands-on experience as well as classroom training through FEMA/Citizens Corp.

An ardent advocate of emergency preparedness, I am eager to share my knowledge with anyone who will listen…or to convert those who don’t wish to listen!

I’m a freelance writer, public speaker, and substitute teacher.   In my spare time, I’m a veracious reader, love to sea-kayak among whales and am an avid genealogist.

Currently, I live on a small island, but my bags are always packed in case an adventure beckons.  Once a wanderer, always a wanderer.


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