Fruit: Edible Arrangements

Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving!  

If you live in the United States of America, you will most likely be eating turkey on the fourth Thursday of November. To add to your festive table, may I recommend an edible fruit arrangement in the shape that is not only pleasing to the eye, but fun for the whole family to eat.  

What you will need:

Strawberries sliced thin, Grapes cut in half, whole Blueberries, whole Raspberries, a Pear cut in half for the body, a red Apple for the nose, one Mini-Marshmallow cut in half for the whites of the eyes, two miniature Chocolate Chips for the pupils and two short Carrot sticks sliced at the bottom for the legs.

Arrange the fruit as shown in the picture.  Use the sticky side of the marshmallow to adhere to the pear.  Poke the sharp end of the chocolate chip into the marshmallow eyes.  Use a toothpick or skewer to make holes in the bottom of the pear so that you may insert the carrot legs slightly inside the body.

Fruity Hearts

On Valentines Day, or any day really, when you want to show a little more love... use these simple heart shapes in your meal to tell them how you feel.