Healthy Living Choices

This is a story of how I have tried to make one better choice everyday in my journey towards a healthy living lifestyle. Unfortunately, most of us aren't just born with a desire or the know how of what constitutes healthy living. I am among this large group. And indeed, there isn't just one right way to make it happen.  There are as many different combinations as there are personalities. The common ground is that we each have to make a deliberate choice everyday to improve.

Making One Better Choice Everyday

Ultimately, here is what works for me.  I tell myself everyday I will Make One Better Choice. I will consciously decide to do something different that makes an impact on my healthy living journey either in mind, body or spirit.  With that commitment, I create one tiny habit from which to launch my improvement.  The hard part is finding the one thing I will do different.

Not Can Do, Will Do

I used to read articles or hear stories about other's healthy living journey and think "I can do that!"  Then I wouldn't follow through.  The problem wasn't I couldn't physically or mentally change, but I simply wasn't willing to. So, I have stopped looking for things I CAN do and have started investigating those simple things I WILL do. I have discovered for myself the smaller the change, the easier it is for me to accomplish.

The question has been posed "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer is "One bite at a time." This sums up how I am making a difference in my own life.  I daily take one small bite out of the elephant by changing my mind about how I will do one little thing different that day which brings me closer to a life full of peace, physical wellness and mental clarity.  I can't help believing that making 365 small choices a year will make next year so much better.

Rough Beginnings

My healthy living journey started in earnest while I was in my forties, though I have known for years I needed a lifestyle make-over. Fortunately, I don't have  allergies or pressing health issues that would force me into a sudden change of the way I eat, think, move or breathe.  But then again, maybe it's unfortunate because I may have started much earlier on this path.

Let me give you a glimpse into my childhood.  The first vivid memory I possess is a sweet one, literally.  When I was a toddler, my mother worked days and my father worked nights.  Since my older sisters were in school, I was home alone with dad.

At the time, I had a three word vocabulary; daddy, mommy and popncanny (my childlike way of saying "pop and candy").  The third word was so powerful it could change the course of the day.

Here is the memory.  I am standing in the driveway next to the Buick.  I can only see my father's legs peeking out from underneath.  I yell at the top of my lungs..."Popncanny!!" Dad calls back that as soon as he is done, we can go.  Yes!! I had done it once again.  Dad was going to take me to Anchor Liquor Mart and let me choose any candy I wanted from the incredibly large selection.  He would even leave me standing alone in front of the candy aisle while he headed to the coolers to buy Diet Rite, the pop portion of popncanny.

This was a daily ritual that lasted my entire youth. Dad promised me three things, and he never went back on his word. I could have a candy bar every day, an ice cream cone every week and go to Disneyland every year.  Those were the days!

I look back on this time and cherish the memories made with my dad, though it goes without saying that when I was out of the house and making my own choices, I pretty much kept to the same pattern.  Old habits die hard!

Why I Have Made Healthy Living a Choice

There are many reasons why I now choose a healthy lifestyle.  It has taken years to build up this list.  Line upon line, "aha" moment after "aha" moment, I started seeing the personal value of healthy living for myself.

  • No one knows when their time will come, but I want to enjoy all the days I have remaining with as much clarity of mind as I can.  Since my body houses my mind and has a great effect on how I think, I want to keep it running in tip top shape.
  • Many in my family suffer with varying degrees of diabetes.  I therefore have been striving to push back an onset of diabetes in my own life as long as I can.  That was the initial reason I started buying agave nectar wholesale.
  • Also in my genes is a propensity to have Alzheimer's. I have seen for myself the effects it has had on three generations of my family.  One was even early onset.  Witnessing on a personal level what this disease can do led me to finding ways to prevent this condition as well.  I will never know if my efforts now will ultimately help, but that doesn't stop me from having a jar of coconut oil at the ready.
  • I have been on various weight loss plans.  They have, for the most part, allowed me to lose weight.  One actually got me down to my goal rather quickly.  Unfortunately, it was the HCG plan which is very sever. I maintained it for awhile, which was hard, but alas, the weight came back. I know why; simply because I couldn't keep up the rigidness of the maintenance. Now I just make better food choices daily.
  • Since money (or the lack thereof) is an issue, I discovered that using essential oils to meet several of my medical needs was actually cheaper than my co-pay at the doctor's office.  As a side benefit, I discovered their many uses in other areas as well.
  • And the simplest reason is I believe less chemicals in my life can only be better for me and my family.

The Healthy Living Academy

Before I sink into the depths of Alzheimer's, I want to chart my own course by finding more ways to incorporate healthy living into my own life, as well as share what I have learned.  

I know mine isn't the only story out there.  Each individual has a unique set of circumstances, health issues and reasons for wanting healthy living tips and information.  The Healthy Living Academy strives to address a broad spectrum of topics which include eating right, moving, breathing, sleeping, reducing the toxic load around us and finding natural remedies to those health care issues we can solve on our own. Plus, you will find articles dealing with personal development and emergency preparedness to further enhance complete mental wellness.  So, no matter where you are on your healthy living journey, you can find something here of benefit. 

Take the Challenge

Each time you visit this site, I challenge you to find one thing you WILL do which helps tip the scale toward a more sane, clean and energetic you. Come On! Create one tiny habit to add to your healthy living lifestyle.

Healthy Living Choices

Contributing Author:
Dana Palmer