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healthy living recipes

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Jam without Pectin

Fruit: Edible Arrangements

My Own Idea of Healthy Living Recipes

How does one judge what is a "healthy" recipe?  Some people would say anything with sugar can't be healthy.  Others avoid meat altogether.  I can only tell you that the recipes I have posted here follow my own guidelines for healthy. 

This includes no glaring high-fructose corn syrup use.  I don't post anything that contains alcohol. You won't find coffee's on this site either.

Since everyone has different diet restrictions as well, it hard to cover every variety of eating style.  So I will just stick to what I know and what I would eat.  We all know that eating healthy is vital to keeping our bodies fit. I know nutritionists who say that keeping fit is 70 percent what we put in our mouth and 30 percent how much we move.