Healthy Smoothie Recipes

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I adore healthy smoothie recipes. It is the best way to add a little fruit and sometimes vege's to my breakfast or snack. Heck, when I am craving something sweet, sometimes I even make one for dessert.

Indexed By Main Ingredients

  • Cranberry Smoothie

    Healthy Cranberry Smoothie Recipes - Perfect for Autumn

  • Coconut Smoothie

    Coconut Smoothie Lovers Unite! Some with a strong coconut influence, while others with just a hint.

  • Grape Smoothies

    Recipes for Grape Smoothies with fresh or juiced grapes

  • Date Smoothie

    The best date to use in these date smoothie recipes are the medjool dates.

Healthy Smoothie Recipes - Tips From My Kitchen

1. Invest in a blender with at least a 2 hp or 800 watt motor if you want to crush ice or make smoothies that are actually smooth. The VitaMix is the gold standard and I couldn't last a day without  mine.  My daughter has the Ninja NJ600 and loves it as well.

2. Prepare frozen fruit ahead of time.  Cut and freeze on a baking sheet, then transfer to a freezer bag later.  I like to buy fruit in #10 cans at a discount, then flash freeze the fruit. 

3. Frozen bananas are great in smoothies. Ripe bananas that have brown spots on the peel are perfect. I peel mine, break them in half and freeze in a Zip-Lock baggie.

4. It is best to add liquid ingredients first if called for in the recipe. This gets the blender moving. Next, add the lighter ingredients like the leafy green, followed by the heavier frozen fruit and ice cubes.


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