How to Make an Ice Bowl

My favorite thing to serve in this ice bowl is ice cream.  It looks quite elegant.

Use this bowl for ice cream, shrimp, fruit salad, anything that you want to stay cool during a buffet meal.  I love making this for baby or bridal showers.  They are a beautiful accent to every festive table.

Ice Bowl

what you will need:

  • 2 metal bowls, one smaller bowl that nests nicely in the other larger bowl
  • 24 ice cubes (or more as needed)
  • cold water
  • several edible flowers

Edible Flower Options:

Dianthus         Nasturtiums      Roses
Daylilies          Pansies            Borage
Geraniums       Violets

how to make it:

Cover bottom of large bowl with ice cubes. Arrange flowers between chucks of ice. Place smaller bowl inside and put a heavy freezable object inside small bowl to use as a weight. I like to use a bag of frozen vegetables. Fill the sides with remaining ice cubes and arrange more flowers between them. Fill the bottom bowl with water an inch from the top. Put it all in the freezer until solid.

To remove the metal bowls, fill the smaller bowl with warm water, then gently lift out. Dip the larger bowl in a sink full of warm water, then turn bowl upside down to release. Put the ice bowl immediately back in the freezer.

Before guests arrive, fill the ice bowl with large scoops of strawberry ice cream and put back in the freezer until ready to serve. When serving, place the ice bowl on a plate that has a serving napkin on top to absorb the bowl as it melts.