The Power of Habit

It's time to learn how to unleash the power of habit. This is it.  You've thought long enough about changing.  You're ready to turn over a new leaf and start making one better choice everyday toward healthy living. Let's examine how the power of habit can be used as a power tool in our healthy living tool chest.

Start Where You Are

You just have to start where you are. Healthy Living Academy subscribes to what B.J. Fogg, PhD. calls tiny habits. To achieve significant change, you will need to take small steps which are easy to do and don't require much willpower or motivation to complete. After several tiny habit changes, you will see big results.

Let's look at an example; flossing your teeth. You don't currently, but need to start somewhere for better oral health. A tiny habit would be flossing only one tooth.  Sounds crazy, I know. But if you make a habit of doing this right after a solid habit you already have, like brushing your teeth,  it becomes a routine.  After awhile, it will become normal and you can move to flossing more than one tooth when your ready.  

Tiny Habits

It is best to make your tiny habit easy to do.  If you have to, make it ridiculously tiny; minuscule even.  An example of which may be:

  • Walk for three minutes
  • Yell "Welcome home, honey" to your spouse
  • Do two push ups
  • Tidy one item in the living room
  • Take one vitamin
  • Read one Bible verse


To remember what it is you will do today, you have to place it AFTER something you already do on a regular basis.  This will trigger the habit. Just like flossing one tooth after brushing your teeth.


You finally honed in on the smallest particular of a habit that will lead to bigger change down the road.  It's time to put the power of habit into the following formula:


Plugging in the tiny habits mentioned above, let's see what they look like in the formula.

  • After I eat lunch, I will walk for three minutes.
  • After I hear the door close, I will yell "Welcome home, honey!"
  • After I flush the toilet, I will do two push ups.
  • After I finish my morning coffee, I will tidy one item in the living room.
  • After I load the dishwasher, I will take one vitamin.
  • After I plug in my cell phone, I will open my Bible app and read one verse.

The Power of Habit

Train yourself to do the habit everyday. Keep it simple. Consistency is more important than outcome at this point.  It doesn't matter that you don't expand the action for weeks or even months later. When you do it consistently, it will become easier to do.

Have you ever had a plant grow unexpectedly in your yard?  That is because if a seed lands in the right spot, whether you put it there or not, it will grow without any assistance. The same is true with this new pattern of making one better choice everyday, consistently. A truth you need to remember and hold onto is...

That is the secret to success!

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Forget Big Change, Start with a Tiny Habit