Wellness and Abundance

Wellness and abundance.  I don’t think I am alone in thinking that having both is of great value.  Achieving one is quite an accomplishment, but acquiring both is spectacular.

Pyramid vs. Cycle

It is a popular practice, and has been for years, to stack qualities and/or steps to performance on a pyramid chart.  This only works well, in my opinion, when you truly want more of something (foundation of pyramid) and very little of something else (top of pyramid).  The best example I can offer is the food pyramid I was taught as a child.  The categories of foods have changed slightly since it was introduced, but the reality remains the same.  Eat healthy bread and grains, stay away from high quantities of fats/sweets. Got it.  Not that I live by it completely, but it appears to be reasonable.

Where I take a turn from using the pyramid and switching to a cycle is when I believe all parts have equal merit.  I have seen some wellness pyramids where each level is deserving of attention, but I disagree that the foundation element should hold more prominence in my life than the pinnacle.

I see wellness and abundance as a cycle.  No one element in the circle should be taken any less weighty than another.  Not that we aren’t each stronger in some areas and obviously weak in others.  Just that the goal is to achieve balance across the board; always striving to improve where improvement is needed most.  One can begin anywhere in a cycle and not screw up the process. You can even focus on elements that don’t touch each other in sequence, but makes the most sense for your life that day.

Having the Right Mindset

To me, having a wellness and abundance mindset means that you don’t treat others like competitors. You don’t look at someone else’s success and see it as your own failure. Collaborating together can make everyone more successful. People who live in the scarcity mindset are suspicious, jealous and think there’s not enough of anything to go around.

Resources are not limited.  Even the land we live on can “increase” with a little ingenuity. If you only have a small garden plot, learn about ways you can increase your yield in the same amount of space.  It is the same with almost anything to which we set our mind.  We can grow, and help others do the same, and not be diminished by others achievements.  So give! Whatever time, talent or means you possess, be generous; the universe will reward you by giving you more.

The Wellness and Abundance Cycle

Because writing paragraphs and lists are linear in nature, I must explain the wellness and abundance cycle in sections.  But this does not mean the order is ranked by importance.

1. Eat Right

Good health is wellness and abundance personified.  Health is fresh food. You are surrounded by amazing, healthy food that is plentiful. Don’t think of life as a deprivation diet.  Food is not an enemy. Embrace the good eating habits that conform to your personal situation.  Explore the possibility that you can change any bad eating habit you have.  Seek out like minded people and share your knowledge and accept that they can contribute to yours as well.

2. Move, Breathe, Sleep

Three elements that when combined properly will elevate not only your physical body, but your mental state as well.  Think of all the sickness and disease that wouldn’t exist if we only got enough exercise, took time each day to breathe deeply and achieved a peaceful, restful night of sleep.  There are countless studies on these three subjects that clearly point to the overwhelming benefits of acquiring these good habits. An abundant life would have to include reaching our personal best in this arena.

3. Reduce Toxins

I can’t begin to make a list of all the toxins we expose our bodies to on a daily basis. Harmful substances are found in our food, health care products, the household cleaners we use, etc. Reducing these chemicals and additives can only elevate our success in the first two areas of the cycle discussed above. I am not only talking about the physical toxins that we have surrounded ourselves with in this modern society either. We must also reduce toxic thoughts from our minds and step away from toxic encounters with grace. And whenever possible, avoid the encounter altogether. To live more abundantly, this is the one element we must reduce.

4. Natural Remedies

I am all for western style medicine when appropriate.  A healthy society would not exist without the knowledge and accomplishments we have made in medicine.  But what I do propose is that we turn too quickly to a pill that will alleviate symptoms when we should be considering “How can I help my body heal itself?” Give these tabernacles that we are housed in what they need and they will gift us back with abundant health and peace of mind.  Seek out the plant-based supplements that will put necessary building blocks back in our system.  Revitalize yourself at the cellular level and see your outward energy sore. Provide your body necessary nutrients by eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables daily. Open your mind to the abundance of knowledge our forebears knew and your world will change.

5. Mental Clarity

This is over simplifying, but for mental clarity, you must take command of your own mind. Here are some ideas on how to do that. Learn to meditate. Not like an Eastern mystic or Tibetan monk. More like taking your mind to the gym for a workout. Train it to become disciplined, clear and relaxed. Other tools include avoiding non-essential drugs, regular exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, spending time in nature and avoiding stressful situations whenever practical (sounds like a quick review of the first four items). When you begin to reclaim your own mind, it’s like cleaning the windshield of your car. Life is no longer blurry. You can see where you are going, and the journey becomes more of a pleasure cruise. When you learn to change your mind in small ways and live by a better set of rules, mental clarity will begin to manifest itself.

Begin Where You Are

Begin this journey anywhere in the wellness and abundance cycle.  Choose one thing you will do better today than yesterday. Take baby steps toward a new you.  Be consistent. Be thoughtful. Practice virtue. Be well. See the abundance all around.

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